Saturday, August 15, 2015

Morning has broken

The morning is coming a wee bit later each day now that we are in mid summer. This morning saw a beautiful sunrise on the heavy dew at the farm. The goats are just finishing their breakfast treat in the barn and looking out to see what the day will bring.

In the background, those tiny dots are the sheep. I took them to fresh grazing at day break. They always seem to know, before I open the barnyard gate, when they will be going to a fresh paddock. They rush, many kicking their heels in the air. By day four or five in a paddock I have to open the gate, rattle the chain and call them to come. They saunter through the gate giving that "meh" look.

To get to this morning's paddock, they had to go out across the pond yard, down the lane, and into the paddock. They ran all the way, knowing that fresh clovers, trefoil, many grasses await.

Everyone want their breakfast!

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