Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Settling In

The goats are settling nicely into their new farm.

Happily, they're already nibbling on weeds that the sheep don't like. Haven't seen them go at a thistle yet as there are none in their small yard. But there were a few burdock plants I missed when weeding and they ate the burrs and all (yay). Burdock is the one plant I will spot spray on the farm - burrs in the wool wreak havoc!

Besides a freshly baled round bale of hay and the weeds in their yard, I'm introducing the young does to a small grain ration supplement - tasty grains and soy meal mixed with molasses. This is a feed supplement that I can give them only while they are separated from the sheep as it contains copper - which is necessary for goats but toxic to sheep.

Finally, the goats have discovered the inside of the barn. Once they got a taste for the grain supplement I moved the grain trough and their water inside so they will learn its ok to come in.

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