Saturday, January 3, 2015


New member of the family.

Born Nov 9th, weaned this morning to his new home at the farm. He doesn't have a name yet - thinking over names that start with 'J' in honour of my late pal Jesse, to whom he is directly related. Also looking for name that doesn't end in long 'e' sound - Bonnie and Jesse sometimes misunderstood who I was calling/commanding.

He's a darker blond than Jesse which works well for me - similar, yet different.

Thankfully DS still gets actual paper newspapers, and delivered a stash at Christmas. Let the potty training begin!


  1. Doug, you are a brave, brave man for taking on a puppy during the winter!

    I hope he brings you much joy and happiness. He's gorgeous!

  2. Winter is slower on the farm chores (if we don't get as much snow as last year, that is). And I'm less inclined to go off farm. More time to focus on basic training. That's the plan anyway!