Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Unrelenting snow squalls, minus teens cold, pounding wind means lots of time for bonding with Jonah.

On his third day at the farm, the laundry room newpaper floor cover is already reduced from total coverage to one third of the room where he is reliably doing his business.

He gets a lavish 'good pee' or 'good poo' for using the paper, and gets the same plus a small piece of cookie for doing the same outside.

This afternoon, if weather doesn't interfere, he has his first vet appointment for a once over. He was already vet checked and had his first shots at the breeder's, but contract requires my own vet check within a week.

While in town I'll look for a nice chew toy for him to use in lieu of my ankles. He's teething and those little teeth are sharp!


  1. Is Jonah a golden doodle or a golden. He looks more like a golden. Both are great dogs.

    Would you consider posting your pages on splicing. I can no longer access them. They were very helpful.

  2. Jonah is a Golden Doodle.

    I'm unable to repost old tutorials from my wordpress days. I thought the files would be on my server but they are not, and they don't seem to exist on wordpress site anywhere that I can find. Frustrating!