Sunday, June 15, 2014

Home Made English Muffins

Who knew that English Muffins are actually a fried bread? Not me.
I've been eating these since forever. In the last few years I switched over to whole wheat version but was still a little unhappy with the additives.

I found this recipe of Honey Oat English Muffins while sloffing around on different blogs.

I found this set of frying rings cheap on eBay and was off to the races:

The first time I followed Emily's recipe as closely as I could. I'm not sure what the difference between White Whole Wheat and Whole Wheat are so I used what I had in the pantry - Robin Hood Bread Whole Wheat flour.

For my next batch, instead of mixing in a bowl, I tried this:

Our bread machine has a dough setting and I customized that a little to suit this recipe, and I also inserted a 30 minute warm rest at the beginning the cycle (which I read somewhere was a good thing to do with whole wheat recipes in general).

I also substituted Spelt Flakes for the Oatmeal which raised the protein and fibre levels some.

I also added the ingredients to the pan slightly differently than for the bowl, ie all liquids first, yeast last.

As you can see, I get a very good rise of the dough, and the bonus here is that the recipe now gives me 16 muffins instead of 12.

I (sadly) don't have a gas stove. (Very sadly.) And only 4 rings - so I worked in batches of 4 in a frying pan, 5 minutes a side at level 4, and then into the over @ 350 for 10 minutes on a cookie sheet. I lay a piece of tin foil over top while in the oven to keep from getting to browned.

This timing works very conveniently - for one batch is in the over for time it takes to do the next batch in the fry pan.

I just leave the rings on long for a minute or so after I press the dough to shape.

At 16 muffins, this works out to about 120 calories a piece. Pretty good!

I make a home made Egg McMuffin with one of these for lunch almost every weekday. 

Mmmm. Good!


  1. very clever indeed! and I'll bet the kitchen smells wonderful while the muffins are baking!
    blogless Mary Lou

  2. Smells great! I've been on a little or no processed foods kick for a while and this recipe fits the bill just right.