Thursday, June 19, 2014


I haven't had chickens for several years - ever since the chicken coop had to come down to make way for the wool shack.

The sheep flock is smaller now and I don't need as much barn space dedicated to the shearing operation. Where I once needed space for two shearers and a double sized catch pen, I now only need space for one.

I divided the catch pen space in two, and set up a chicken coop in one re-purposed half.

The top of one wall opens to the outside (south), and top half of two walls open to the inside of the barn - enclosed with chicken wire of course.

The bottom right of the photo shows, barely,  the nesting boxes, and against the outside window wall is the roost. The roost is over a chicken wire covered frame through which (hopefully most of) their poop will go. There are two heavy duty plastic bins under that frame. The plywood panel facing is held in place with two screws - easily removed to haul out the manure bins as necessary.

Today the six ladies arrived.

Jesse is beside himself with excitement!

I look forward to eating home grown eggs again.

A home grown egg with some home grown bacon on a home made English Muffin. It just doesn't get any better.

There are a zillion egg recipes at Egg Farmers of Canada. Besides the web site, they have apps - I've got one on my phone and one on my iPad - they have a handy egg timer built in that clucks when your eggs are done.

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  1. Those are some lucky ladies...their hen house is state of the art!
    blogless Mary Lou