Friday, January 3, 2014

Still Brrrr

We continue the deep freeze here at the farm, as in much of Canada and the US north east.

The new lambs are thriving. The two mothers and 5 lambs are together in one pen - this is called 'hardening' - letting lambs and a few mothers get used to sorting each other out in a smaller group before joining a bigger flock.

I have only one heat lamp, so it works out good all around to have them combined. The lambs generally sleep in a cluster under the lamp, venturing out to suckle or play. This morning it was -23 without the windchill factor when I snapped this picture.

The ewes are busy stoking their furnaces with hay. Unlimited good quality hay is the best thing on these cold days. While they love their grain ration and it increases milk production, digesting grain uses up body heat, while digesting hay creates body heat, so I keep piling the hay on and they are happily chowing it down.

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  1. I stopped by to see how the little lambies were doing! This cold-snap will soon be over, but it has been brutal! Glad to hear all is well!