Thursday, January 16, 2014

Returning to normal...

The Christmas company is long gone, and the deep freeze that gripped most of us has moved on (for now) and life is slowing returning to normal at the farm.

The snow really started piling on the first week in January (Jan 7th above) and the load became too much for my walk behind snow blower - broke a shear bolt and I didn't have a replacement) and it was so cold the hydraulics wouldn't work on the tractor.  The snow got so deep I couldn't get into the Wool Shack.

Fortunately I had a round bale of hay parked right by the barn door and I was able to roll it in to feed the sheep til the blizzard abated and they could return outside. 

When the weather got warmer than -10 I was able to get the tractor going and clear the drive. First journey - hardware store to get a bunch of shear pins.

After a heavy rain last weekend much of the snow is gone though there is still good cover. The driveway, on the other hand, only partly meted and the return to sub zeroness has turned it into a treacherous ice field.

Jesse and I have been out hiking, me on my snow shoes, almost every day. The icy top to the snow is easier for Jesse to run on, while I break through the ice crust because of the air pocket below - so every step sounds like a bull elephant making quick work of the china shop.

I've been able to get into the Wool Shack now, and this week started on the long journey of re-building my post Christmas inventory. First up, size Medium, of course, and I'll focus for now on Koigu.

First in line: Koigu KPPPM colour P872.  These are knit with the 36 ribber and 72 cylinder on the Verdun 47. 1x1 ribbed top and full stockinette leg and foot. I was pleased that I was able to get an entire Medium sock out of one 50g skein. It seems to depend on the colourway - sometimes I need a third skein to complete a pair.

I'm still looking for a special knitting project for myself this winter. It kind of fell off my radar with all the snow, unexpected lambs, the ravages of decrepit old age, and such.

In the meantime, here is a pic sent by reader Mary who gifted her nieces with some of my 2013 special project:

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  1. I love the socks from your 'special project'. Do you happen to remember the yarn used?