Saturday, January 25, 2014

Knitting up a storm...

Well, not really, but knitting a fair bit while hunkered down in a seemingly never ending storm.

I've been snow bound on the farm for 6 days this time. Fortunately the larder is in good shape and I got enough hay out for the sheep to last through the current carnation. The temperature has risen above -10, so the tractor should start this morning, and the hydraulics should work - hopefully to get another week's hay out and clear the driveway so I can make a run to town to replenish milk and produce. It's a fairly tight window, as temperatures are supposed to plummet again this afternoon.

As cold as its been I've had a good snow shoe hike every day. On the coldest days I'm splitting the hike into two - one to set the trail without Jesse - slower, harder work - and the second time with Jesse at a quicker pace so that he doesn't get too cold. (I still call Jesse 'puppy', but he turned 10 this month.)

Through the bad weather I've continued rebuilding my inventory of Koigu socks. Here are some of the ones I knit this week:

I haven't figured out how to put labels on photos in blogspot yet - but the colour ways, from the top, are: P339, P706, P733, P218.  These are all in Koigu KPPPM, knit with 36 ribber and 72 cylinder on the Verdun 47. Size Medium.


here's a pic of Jesse just after I brought him home Feb 28, 2004 :


  1. Jesse as cute as ever, born that way- lucky pup! Great colours of socks! YUM!

  2. maybe you can put it on the photo in the corner, the number of the sock yarn i mean