Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oops again...

OK, I think that's the last oops. This is the second new Katahdin to lamb - and as far as I can tell the two were the only ewes whose udders suggested early surprises.  After the arrival of triplets yesterday I was pretty much expecting the other new arrivals this morning.

The triplets born yesterday are all male, and the twins this morning are both female. All seem healthy and I'm grateful they chose a mild break in the weather to grace the farm with their presence. 

Bitter cold is scheduled to return Monday and I hope the lambs have hardened up to be ready to deal with it.

The ram who sired these lambs is a pure bred Dorper sheep, and all five lambs the characteristic Dorper look with the black head and white body.


  1. Doug, how sweet is that to start a new year, 5 new babies. from a happy cranker

  2. Hi--I used to have Shetland sheep in northern Wisconsin, one early surprise of triplets came when we had sub zero temps. I made little sweaters for the the teeny lambs by cutting up sweater sleeves. It worked really well.
    cranking away in Missouri where it is a balmy 19 degrees today.