Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Things with cranks

I must be addicted to things with cranks.

I ordered myself this Christmas present, which arrived to my great excitement yesterday via the nice FedEx guy.

Its a Wonder Mill Junior. It looks like plastic but its actually very heavy cast, just like a sock knitter. It comes with two sets of grinding wheels - one set for milling flour and the other set for making nut butters.

I've been trying to eat very healthy these past few years (um, recent booze laden Christmas Cake notwithstanding). Almond butter is one of my favourite good-fat foods. But I've noticed a huge difference amongst the different brands that each claim to be 100% almonds with no additives. My fav is from Nuts to You that I get in the health food section of my local grocer. Sometimes they are out and I've tried the store's own Blue Lable product and also the offering at the local Bulk Barn. Seriously, its hard for me to believe they are all made from the same nut. Or food group.

And since I like to be as self sufficient as possible, I've decided to give making my own a go, with hopes it turns out to my liking.

The bonus is the other set of wheels for making flour. I don't use a lot of flour, but I'll be chuffed to try making my own whole grain versions.

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