Monday, January 11, 2016

Let 'er rip

A nice snow storm clobbered the area beginning yesterday afternoon. I'm happy to get some serious snow.

I was way organized for the storm this time. It was only raining in the morning so I made it to church and then hit the grocery store to bog in enough supplies for a long haul. When I got home the snow had started but I still had time to get out several round bales of hay to tide the flock over for at least a week. And for good measure I rolled a bale into the barn and pulled it apart to make up some deep cozy bedding.

Of course once the storm hit full tilt the sheep were quick to choose eating bedding in the barn over eating hay outside.

Mature Ewes breeding group

Ewe Lambs & Goats breeding groups

Not everyone hid inside though.

Jonah and I went for a hike when the wind eased up. The snow was almost knee deep today. I took this bleak shot from the top of the knoll which is about half way back on my regular trail. The deep snow is a lot of extra work on the snow shoes - especially these newer kind that are so much smaller in the surface area. So that's as far as I got today. If it doesn't snow and blow too much more overnight I'll at least have a partial packed trail to head out on tomorrow.

Or not.

It's all good!

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