Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Koigu Rainbow

There was a beautiful rainbow over the farm the other night as I went to bring in the flock. By the time I got my camera out of my pocket, and swatted a few mosquitoes, the clouds had begun to move in. Still, it was a beauty.

It inspired my to reprise my Koigu Rainbow Socks.

In the pic above I am just completing a heel in KPPPM mixed rainbow colour P822. The kind folks at Koigu made this colourway at my request, incorporating the specific dye colours in the colours I selected for my rainbow stripes.

The individual colours are: 
Red - P816
Orange - P 603
Yellow - P521
Green - P 819
Blue - P451
Purple - P809

Size Small, knit with the 54 needle cylinder and 27 slot ribber dial on the Legare 400. 1x1 Ribbed top and rest in stockinette. Heels and toes reinforced with Wooly Nylon.

There are no rainbows today - totally overcast and a cold raining drizzle. So its nice to at least be working with sunny colours.

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  1. These are beautiful socks. I have loved spending a few minutes reading your posts. You certainly have a wonderful lifestyle. Thank you for sharing.