Saturday, June 27, 2015

Road Trip!

Jonah and I made a little road trip this morning.

The dog crate rode in the back of the truck, while Jonah rode in the back seat, as usual.

We picked up two passengers at a farm down country.

At home in their new pen at the farm.

These girls have been weaned for about two weeks, and weigh about 35 lbs each. (Their mama was pretty close to the size of my truck.)

Their job is to clean up the lambing barn.

At this age they will be on full feed, but as they get older and learn to root, they'll find much of their sustenance in the 18" bedding pack left at the end of lambing. There will be all kinds of treats for them in there - bit of spilled or undigested grain, seeds from the hay and straw.

When they are all done, the stable floor will be more than a foot lower, and what is left will be like peat moss and easy for me to shovel out.

This used to be a standard farm practice, back in the days of the small family farm. Now, not so much.

The girls don't have names yet. I'm thinking on it...

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