Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Out and Over

I sprung Little Wee Ewe 314B and her lamb from the barn this morning and they rejoined the flock out on the pasture.

I checked on her a few times this morning to make sure her lamb was keeping up, and then checked again at lunch time.

There she is, and this is just what I like to see - the lamb right with her. She may be wee but her mothering skills are BIG.

With that, I declare Lambing 2015 officially over. According to my records there is one yearling left un-lambed but she may not have been bred, may have had a lamb and escaped my vigilant eye, and may lamb some time later. I'll presume she's not bred and will carry on as if.

In celebration, I knit some socks.

I've barely been out in the wool shack during lambing season and am anxious to get back at it. And not just a little surprised that several pair flew off the knitter in short order without any train wrecks.

The above pair is size XL (Men's 13 - 15) knit with double strands of my 70/30 Shetland/Nylon lace weight yarn. The cuffs, heels and toes are in double Fawn and the body in one strand of Fawn plus one strand of Brown. I knit a bundle of these socks in Small, Medium, and Large until interrupted by lambing and now I'll top of the set with some XL and XS before moving on to other projects.

In between lambing checks, puppy training and Easter singing I manged to do a rebuild of my website. Goodness knows I was happy with the old site, but the code it was written in needed updating to keep up with internet security specs and it was actually easier to do a total rebuild than to try and adapt.

I'm not a coding person. I just pick away using the monkey-see monktey-do method and slowly things take shape. Hey - just like knitting!

The new site is a work in progress. The deadline for code update was last week and I was able to get far enough along to launch but I've still got a lot of content tweaking to do, and my photo formatting was all lost so I'll have to start re-shooting photos. Ugh.

On nice thing - the new site is responsive - it can detect if it is being viewed on a desktop, tablet or phone, and even if the phone or tablet are being held in portrait or landscape position. I had a bit of a dummy-up version of this with the old site that recognized phones, but this is a more savy rendition.

There are over 2500 code files in the web site, many with thousands of lines of code.

 I can't believe I ate the whole thing!


  1. Happy to hear that 314B and wee lamb are doing well and that you have survived lambing season and are back to sock-knitting--especially those particular socks, my new favourites. I now have four pairs in that yarn, two made by you and two made by me, and I've been wearing them pretty much every day lately. Especially glad for cozy socks this chilly morning. :) The new website looks great. Good work!

  2. Touch wood, mother and baby still doing well in the pasture!