Monday, May 18, 2015


This tiny ewe, tag number 314B wasn't supposed to be here.

In the fall I separated the male and female lambs into their own groups - the males for market and the females to join the flock. This little one was someone of a poor doer - easily bullied by the bigger lambs, and lethargic at the feed trough even when there was lots of space for her. I planned to ship her when the male lambs went to market but, being in a different group I more or less forgot to split her out.

Through the winter she remained uninspired at the trough - always seemed to say "sighhhhh" or "meh" instead of "maa" She was so small and immature I didn't think she'd get bred.

Well surprise on me - the other day I go out and here is this tiny wee lamb to go with its tiny wee mama. He can't weigh even a pound. And mama is somewhere betweeen 40 - 50 pounds - about half size of other yearling ewes.

I flipped her over to check out her equipment and sure enough there is a perfectly shaped and full tiny wee udder with tiny wee teats, and her lamb had a full tiny wee belly.

(By way of reference, the boards behind the lamb are 5.5" planks.)


  1. Really enjoying all your lambing posts and photos. I hope this tiny little guy and his mama continue to do well!

  2. Wishing the best for the wee lambie and its mother. Blogless Mary Lou