Friday, February 20, 2015

Double Shetland Sock Yarn

Playing some more with my Shetland Sock Yarn - 70/30 Wool/Nylon, ~400 yards/55 g,

For this pair I knit the yarn double, using two strands of the fawn colour for the topper, heels and toes, and one strand of fawn plus one strand of dark brown for the main body of leg and foot.

This is definitely a more substantial sock, yet still under 100 grams for the pair. Size Large, knit with 72 cylinder and 36 ribber on the Verdun 47 at a tension about 1/4 looser than commercial grade sock yarn.

The looser tension was to accommodate the loft of the two separate strands, rather than the weight of the yarn. I'm knitting straight from the cones (unwashed after milling) - so I want to allow the yarn a little room to bloom when the socks are first washed. I'm not certain that my reasoning is sound, so I may try a pair at normal tension and see if there is a difference.

It's nice to work with the two different colour strands and see how they randomly pattern. The strands do ply a little as they are feeding in.

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