Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This is Beaulagh.She is the only cross bred Shetland that came with my starter flock. She was born in 2011 and is a Shetland - Cormo cross. This picture was taken in about a month ago.

And this picture is from the other day. You can see that her fleece is growing at quite the rate. Size wise she is not much bigger than the pure Shetlands. But her fleece the last two years was triple the yield of any of them. 

Her fleece is gorgeous and I have stored them rather than sending them to the mill. When I get her third fleece (late spring) it will make enough to have spun into her own batch of yarn. 

I'm torn, at the moment, between getting it spun as a worsted weight, or as a fine sock yarn. Goodness knows you can never have enough sock yarn! If I go the latter route I'm thinking of a mohair blend for strength instead of nylon. Or???

And this:

is Beauregard, Beaulagh's 2014 lamb. I was so taken with her fleece I decided to wether this ram lamb and keep him as only a wool factory. He's big, friendly and indications so far are of a large fine fleece. (Qualifier - almost all lamb fleeces are gorgeous. It will be his 2nd year fleece that reveals the full story).



  1. What beautiful animals...especially Beauregard! Handsome devil!
    It will be nice to see Beulah's fleece all spun and knitted.
    Blogless Mary Lou

  2. Also interesting that personality seems to be heritable, or perhaps just learned by example, but Beaulagh is one who makes very friendly - always comes up for a chin scratch. Beauregard is exactly the same.