Friday, January 16, 2015

Eggs for Lunch

As a creature of habit I have a home made Egg McMuffin for lunch most week days. Some days I like to change it up. Days like today that are cold. (And I'm out of English Muffins.)

This is for one and I based it on a recipe I found online via Huff Post.

Oven on to 400.

About a cup of sliced mushrooms (today I had Crimini on hand), some chopped onion (today, red) a bit of chopped garlic and a few sun dried tomatoes from the garden, a little salt and pepper. Sauteed for several minutes in butter, until there is no more liquid coming from the mushrooms. 

I use a fair bit of coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil for sauteing, but I find butter caramelizes the best, so for mushrooms (or fresh fish) its butter all the way for me .

Put in a small, sprayed, ovenproof casserole.

Two eggs (right from the hen house!)

Bake for about 15 minutes.

Put some cheese on the top. Today, two slices of Provolone and bake about 5 minutes more.

Let it cool for about 5 minutes.

I find that fresh eggs - especially REALLY fresh - take quite a bit longer to cook. I judge when I check to put the cheese on that the whites are pretty much cooked and the yolks are still looking runny.  Of course you would adjust if you like your eggs runny - I prefer this dish with the yokes cooked right through.

I made this one day last week too. I used a few fresh green onions instead of the red. I chopped them fairly fine and just put them into the fry pan when the mushrooms were nearly done. Gave a nice bit of crunch.


  1. Bonjour, thanks for the recipe ; it looks like in french we say "oeufs cocotte" (cocotte is a familiar, nice word for hen, can be an affected drag-queen too :-)). Can test with white wine, reduced in the pan before going to the oven. Elisabeth

    1. Oh! There's a good idea. I might have to go the full 9 yards and throw in a little cream as well!

  2. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I actually have all of the ingredients on hand-my girls-5 backyard hens have finally started laying again and I have 9 eggs to work with now. Here in NW Wisconsin, it is a balmy 20 degrees F with intermittent sunshine. Hope to make this for breakfast tomorrow-thanks again. Karen