Saturday, April 5, 2014

Khatadin Dorper Cross Lambs

Here are some of the lambs born recently. These are the only two ewes that graced me with a view other than their derrieres.

This morning it is bitter cold with blistering winds. I thank God that no lambs chose to be morn on this morning! Above zero temperatures are supposed to return tomorrow, and then they can start up with the being born thing again.

When I first started with sheep I used to plan for April lambing. After a few years of April snow storms, freezing winds and getting up in the night to check the barn for newborn chilled lambs I switched to mid-May lambing on pasture. The latter is still my favoured flock management, but these Khatadin ewes I bought were already bred, (to a Dorper ram) so barn lambing it is for this year!

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