Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I think she's done...

I brought the ewe and her wet single lamb into a jug (pen) in the barn this morning. It was a nice day but a lot of other ewes were fussing about and I didn't want to chance mis mothering.

Bonnie had some blood on her face. Not unusual as she often helps clean of the lambs, if the dam allows.

I found it odd that Bonnie didn't follow me into the barn with the mother and baby. So when I was done settling her in I gave another check around the yard. First thing I saw was two afterbirths, so I thought, well I hope Bonnie didn't eat the other lamb. Looked around. Nadda.

I checked on the ewe again. She had a water bag hanging out. It would certainly be odd to pass the after birth first and the water bag second. So I went back to the yard. I couldn't see anything but heard a wee tiny 'maaaa'.  There was lamb number two in a little straw nest, barely visible.

So I picked it (haven't checked gender yet) up and brought it to the barn to rejoin its family.

When I got there, the mother had just plopped out a third lamb.

I think she's done!

(This isn't the ewe I blogged the other day....she's still lounging around looking like so much Jabba the Hutt.)

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