Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lovely Spring Day!

I'm glad spring is here.

This is the first corner from my driveway. I took the shot on way home from church. See the stop sign? Its finally re-appeared.

I won't be hauling out the lawn mower any time soon...


  1. wow...that's a lot of snow...good time to stay inside and knit

  2. Doug, I don't know HOW we made it through this winter! It's been unbelievable, and although the worst is behind us, the glacier that surrounds us probably won't melt by May!

    The blowing snow has been unbelievable this winter, as well as the amount of snowfall. I'm ready for daffodils and crocuses.

    Glad to see you managed to find your way to the crankin' shack.

    1. I think the daffodils have packed up and moved to Victoria.

      It's the winds (and drifting pattern) that threw me quite a curve this winter. Snowfall wise, most of the last decade has been short and this year more like an honest Canadian winter!

      I'm actually dreading the eventual arrival of spring - many trees down, windmill down, extensive fence damage. Not to mention the mud that will appear when all this snow melts!

      For the moment, I'm thankful I put up extra hay in the fall...