Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gob Smacked

Back in the 60's, when DW was married to some other guy, she got a set of pots and pans from an outfit she describes as 'more Fuller Brush Man than Tupperware Party'.

The lid to one of the pots got damaged in a move (last move was 23 yrs ago).

I was cleaning up the pot cupboard during one of our many blizzards this winter and became reacquainted with the damaged lid.

I can still make out the name of the manufacturer on the bottom of the pots, so I decided to scope out eBay and see if I could find a replacement. I searched 'Vacumatic' and found one pot only, and its lid was the wrong size.

In a shear stroke of 'why didn't I think of that before' I googled it. Found several North American links, and followed one to Ottawa, ON.

I emailed to see if I could order a lid.

No need to order, says the guy at the other end. It's covered under the 50 year warranty.

It's in the mail.


50 years.


I'm absolutely gob smacked!

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  1. A business still in business after 50 years is quite gob-smacking, as well! My microwave turntable motor expired after a little more than a year. Good for you!