Wednesday, April 13, 2016

moving (again)

I'll be relocating my blog host (again) soon.

I originally started in blogspot, then left for Wordpress when I found blogspot problematic. After a happy time on Wordpress there came big changes to Flickr, where my photos were saved. Flickr changed there display page so that very large photos came up on my account page - and since they ALL came up when I opened the page it took a VERY LONG TIME to work with a picture because of the slowness of my country-high-speed.

Now I'm getting disgruntled with blogspot again - it seems google might be letting it die a slow death on its own. And they are migrating their photo storage with instructions that I am unable to follow with any success.

So, I'm going back to Wordpress, but this time I'll be hosting it and my photos on my own server where my farm shop is located.

The timing is right for this move as I'm just finishing up a rebuild of the farm store to upgrade the software to newest high compliance standards.

When I'm done I'll re-direct this url directly there, so if you have me bookmarked you won't have to change everything. (Just don't be surprised that the page looks different!)

I hope to see you there...

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