Wednesday, March 9, 2016

End of snowshoeing season. Again.

Usually snowshoeing is for pleasure, for exercise, and with Jonah.

This week its for work - frost seeding two hay fields with clover seed. Best done in snow so I can see my tracks while spreading the seed. Also best when snow just about to melt but still cold temperatures at night - the freezing and thawing on the surface of the ground helps work the seed into the soil.

Of course the 15 acres I'm doing are on hilly land and the snow is actually 18" of slop - so hard slogging. The red bag holds about 25 lbs of seed, enough for 7-8 acres.

Stomping while turning the crank is sort of like patting your head while rubbing your belly.


  1. Spring is coming soon! I can't wait to see baby lambs. You do have pregnant ewes, don't you? Blogless Mary Lou

  2. I sure hope I do! They should start lambing Apr 20ish.