Sunday, February 14, 2016


This morning it was -28 at the farm. Same as yesterday.

Yesterday I decided it was too cold to go for my usual snowshoe hike out back. Jonah was not pleased and was squirrely most of the day.

I don't mind the cold because I can layer up for it. But I wear my all-year hiking boots and can only manage thin socks without getting them too tight. As the years go by my circulation isn't what it used to be, and the past few years anything colder than -15 gives me very cold feet.

I have these great winter boots that I wear to the Farmer's Market, and in the truck driving in bad winter weather. They are rated to -50. But they're bulky and fairly heavy. I've never tried them on my snowshoes.

Until today.

Really wanting to get out there, and Jonah with his big sad eyes, I decided to see if the boots would even fit in the snowshoe bindings.

Lo and behold they did fit. So after layering up, off we went.

We got a lot of snow the last few days so we were breaking new trail. The the boots are heavy, so it was like snowshoeing with a 5 lb bag of sugar strapped to each foot.

Turns out I didn't need so many layers - I was roasting by the top of the first hill.

And my feet were toasty warm.


Clean, crisp air. Blue sky. Deer all over the place.

The heavy clouds in the distance are over the water - probably another snow storm brewing itself up.

5 km through deep snow with heavy boots. I don't know what's for supper yet, but it will be BIG!

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