Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Almond Butter

Here's my first kick at making almond butter.

(Mmmmm. Almond butter.)

2 cups whole almonds

weight of almonds

warm in oven at  325

for 12 - 15 minutes

when cooled put in hopper

place dish to catch butter

crank, and crank, and crank

about 15 minutes

weight of butter

residual in mill

residual cleaned out

residual saved or mixed in butter

My net loss from beginning weight was 20 grams (the part of residual I didn't manage to scrape out of the mill).

I had a TBSP of my new almond butter in my morning oatmeal along with my usual spoon of Muscavado (unrefined) brown sugar.

I bought my almonds at bulk barn for CAN$14.99/lb.  My (meagre) saving for making my own was about 55 cents over what I pay for my favourite brand at the grocery store, including the cost of my waste.

I like the taste of this batch of almonds. Now what I look forward to is trying different varieties of almonds from different countries.

All on my quest for the perfect taste!

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