Sunday, December 6, 2015

Newspaper Socks

And old joke from when I was a kid:

What's Black and White and Red all over?

A newspaper (black and white; read all over).

So here are my Newspaper Socks!

Black and White - Fortissima Socka #2021, which is a strand of white plied with a strand of black - for the heels, toes and a little accent stripe under the cuff. And for the body of the sock, Fortissima Socka 2003 which is a very very bright red. Love it!

And the flip side of those socks:

And for something on the very mild side... a basic grey sock (Fortissima 2057) with a simple black narrow accent stripe under the cuff and at the beginning of the toe.

I actually set out to knit this pair in grey alone with no accents.

I just couldn't do it!


  1. Could you detail how you are knitting the toes? I knit down to either 14 or 16 on my CSM but your sock toes look different than mine.......

  2. PS I realize they are kitchenered, your toe 'shape' looks different than mine......

    1. Standard toe. I washed and blocked before photos - maybe just seem different from that.