Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chicken Upside Down Cake

Last year I built a chick coop in one corner of the barn.

Under the roost I've got two XL Rubbermaid tubs that catch most (er, much of) the poop. The plywood panel on the face of the roost is held in place by just a few screws, for easy removal.

Last week I did a thorough cleaning out of the coop in preparation for the coming winter. The Rubbermaid tubs were full-to-overflowing and I was sure they would weigh a zillion pounds and be difficult to move.

To my pleasant surprise, they weren't very heavy at all, and I wasn't sure why. Poop is generally pretty heavy!

I carted the tubs to one of the vegetable garden plots and dumped them.

This is one full tub's worth, dumped upside down.

Only the top 6" (the bottom in the picture) or so is still poop. The rest is thoroughly composted already - virtually high test peat moss.

I guess the plastic construction of the tubs created a good composting environment.

In my sheltered life I think this is totally cool! Next year this is the patch the zucchini, cucumbers, squash and pumpkins will go. I know they will appreciate my Chicken Upside Down Cakes.

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  1. Totally awesome! Blogless Mary Lou