Monday, July 20, 2015


I guess someone (else) from town took a drive in the country to 'free' their cats.

These little kitties were meowing from a bit of a junk pile outside the barn last week. Scrawny as I'll get out. I put a little dog food out for them and when they hung around for a few days I went and bought a bag of kitten food and they're already putting on some weight.

There's a mama too but she's extremely shy and won't come out while I'm close enough to photo. I presume she's the mama as she eats with the kittens rather than chasing them away.

I have a death allergy to cats, but I hope one or more of them decide to stay on at the farm and tend to mousing duties in the barn.

When I go out to the barn one is always waiting, and calling to me - I think it hears me close the door at the house. As soon as I put the food in the bowl the second appears. Only when I back off does the third  one - the darkest with his back to the photo - cautiously approaches.

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