Thursday, June 18, 2015

Before and After

A few shots of ewe SHV 11 A.  (SHV =farm purebred letters; 11 = her tag number; A = born 2013.)  Now tagged as 560NT (new tag) since she lost her tag in the page wire fence.

This shot taken in her lambing pen this year, May 3.

About a week later on pasture:

 And June 16, a few days after shearing:

This amazing ewe is the one I called Perfect Mom in an earlier post (middle pic) because her lambs are always right with her. They still are, and look at the size of them just a little over a month later.

Both lambs are females and have a beautiful solid fleece colour (except the underbelly which is discarded as a matter of course during shearing).

I hope these daughters continue to thrive and join the flock as breeding ewes. So many valuable traits!

(If Bill is reading....the ewe is daughter of Bloomfield x Seasonal)

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  1. Beautiful ewe! And out of two of the finest sheep, ever produced!