Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gardens In

Finally finished planting the vegetable gardens for 2015.

In the near patch with the strawberries - tomatoes - cherry, 'regular', Italian, and Beefsteak, plus a row of green beans.

In the patch behind - peas, Peaches and Cream Corn and yellow beans.

And hard to see, but the biggest patch partly visible in the upper right - gladiolas, peppers, kale, squash, pumpkins, zucchini, eggplant, eating cucumbers and pickling cucumbers.

What struck me about planting this year was how few worms I saw, even though the soil has a very high organic component (from all the sheep manure). Perhaps because its still quite cold many days (like 6 degrees this morning). Or perhaps because the soil is fairly dry.

Last year the soil was absolutely thick with worms, which was the standard until we hit several very hot dry summers in a row. I presume the worms are still 'there' - just down deep.

Besides finishing off the vegetable gardens,we got the flower planters done that sit around the porch and patio.

I make up a special recipe for planting in pots:

Approximately 1:1:1 peat moss, commercial potting soil, wood chips heavily chicken pooped from the coop floor. 

I'm looking forward to feasting off the garden as it progresses. It is so satisfying, in a Swiss Family Robinson sense, to pick your supper at the end of a busy day.

First up should be the strawberries. There are tons of flowers and a lot of fruit are beginning to form.

Mmm. Strawberries...

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