Monday, April 27, 2015

Salt n Pepper

Here's a cute little Salt and Pepper coloured guy that was born to a first time mother yesterday.

First time mothers are a real pain when yard/barn lambing. The bond to the spot their water breaks is most often stronger than the bond to the lamb. So bringing the mother and lamb to the barn from the yard can be a real challenge. She'll follow for a bit, then go running back to the spot her water broke.

One of the beauties of pasture lambing - I just put all the first timers in one paddock and left them there uninterrupted. A paddock is big enough that each mom can find her own quiet place and figure things out. Lambing in a 'yard' the population density can muck things up, which is why I take them to the barn and pen them for a few days - to create that quiet spot where they can mother up (bond) before joining the larger group.

I look forward to finding a solution to the coyote situation so I can return to pasture lambing!

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