Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Noro Silk Garden

I don't knit Noro very often these days and I still have a fairly generous stash of it, for when the mood (ie feeling very patient) strikes me.

This is Noro Silk Garden Sock, in colourway S264. 40% Lambs Wool 25% Silk 25% Nylon 10% Kid Mohair. 300m/100g

The thick and thin of this Noro blend is very broad, but, at least, the thin parts don't go all the way down to hair-width as in Noro Kureyon sock yarn. With this blend I'd say the range is lace-weight up to lopi+.  Some parts are so thick its hard to crank it through. And often, even when it will crank through with significant effort a stitch can slip off the needle in a wink. I knit half a dozen pairs and each sock had between 1 and 3 slipped stitched that had to be picked up. 

Feeling perhaps masochistic, I knit everything as a ribbed sock, so the ribber is in place during the entire knit, leaving the slipped stitches to be discovered and picked up at the end. The saving grace is the yarn has such a good grab the a slipped stitch runs either very little, or not at all.

As difficult as this yarn is to work with I continue to love Love LOVE Noro's colours, so I'll always look for those otherwise calm moments when I can get at it.

The pair shown is size Small +, knit with the 72 needle cylinder and 36 ribber on the Verdun 47.

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  1. I too love the Noro colors but dislike the uneven texture. Your socks are lovely. Blogless Mary Lou