Sunday, August 31, 2014

Koigu Lace L851

Here is a new knitting experience for me: Koigu Lace, 100% Merino, 292 yds/50g. Shown here in colour L851.

I knit two pair of Size Small for my first experience with this yarn. I knit both pair using the same pattern with the 72 cylinder and 36 ribber. Both with a 1x1 topper and 3x1 ribbed leg and instep.

The first pair I made a false start, having my tension a bit too tight and the yarn broke during the first pass. Resetting the tension a quarter turn looser was just right. And I knit the pair with ease. After washing and blocking I got DW to try them on for fit. They did nicely on her size 6-7 average width foot. I thought they might be a bit loose (being 72 stitch sock instead of my normal 54 for a Small) but there weren't in the least slouchy.

Nevertheless, I decided to make a second pair with a strand of very fine Lycra knit through the entire knit. Using lycra, I loosened by tension off about a quarter turn.The result was a smaller finished sock with very good hugability.

The first pair, without the lycra, I got both socks out of a single skein. With the second pair set at a looser tension I got as far as the toe of the second sock and had to start into another skein.

My verdict - this is a very nice yarn. The weight is comparable to the cashmara lace I've knit - a great light weight wool sock.

Above, is one With Lycra sock laying atop one Without Lycra sock.

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