Friday, May 2, 2014

Handspun by Eva

This is a handpun I got from my friend Eva a while back that I had parked and forgot to knit!

It is 50% Merino 50% Bamboo, 175g/429m. With the generous yardage I felt confident there would be enough for a pair of size Large, even with being on the heavier side of fingering weight.

I love the colours, as usual, and in particular I like the effect of stranding different colours together. 

On my monitor, there's quite a variation in colour tones amongst the photos. The top photo, in the skein, is Eva's from the original listing on Etsy. It is actually the closest to true of what I'm looking at. The overall grey-blue tint seems absent from my own photos.

I'm still in the midst of lambing here at the farm, and to boot had to get a new computer. I'm fiddling about between lambs trying to get the hang of Windows8 and to upgrade all my software that doesn't want to play nice with the new operating sys. 

I've gone back to a desktop PC, even though so many reviews have pronounced them dead, archaic, passe, and long gone. My last 'puter was a laptop and I was sure it would be truly portable. But experience prooved otherwise - I have so many things plugged into it, that unless I'm going on a trip, I rarely move it. As it result it actually occupies more real estate on my desk and a true desktop.

Miraculously, I bought the new desktop before the laptop completely died, so I haven't been in my usual horror filled panic about retrieving years of lost data. Rather, I'm poking away shifting things over, housekeeping and discarding as I get a moment here and there between lambings. 

Early mornings and late nights in the lambing barn have also prompted me to work on another skill:

Double shot of espresso, 4 oz frothed skim milk and a dash of cinnamon on the top. Who needs sleep!

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  1. Lovely handspun, lovely socks, and fabulous beverage!
    Blogless Mary Lou