Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Spring that is.

This has been one serious winter. A return to the winters of my youth in Northern Ontario, and of my first years at the farm.

It's been quite a few years since the snow outside the back door has almost reached the roof. Let alone in March.

The strangest thing about this winter has been the winds. The unrelenting winds. And not only stronger and more persistent than most years, but in a different pattern. So the drifting around the hay bales and fences and the barn is totally different from what I would expect. And what I would be prepared for.

The hay was buried so deep with snow that turned to ice that my poor little tractor was unable to lift them until I chipped off 2 feet of ice by hand. And that only on the precious few days warmer than -10 when my hydraulics felt like working at all.

The fence, in many places, was completely buried. That includes the fence that separated my breeding groups and indeed my sheep from my neighbours cows. And dogs.

It's reached +6 the last two days and the snow has begun to melt. This gateway along the back sidelane was completely buried. Now you can almost see the top wire. Other parts, along the side, are showing more fence in the drift troughs.

Recreation wise, this has been a fabulous winter. Jesse and I have surveyed the kingdom most days, even in the low -20s. Yesterday and today the snow was actually pretty mushy so I enjoyed my skis instead of my snow shoes (that clump snow onto their bottoms when above freezing). I don't skidoo, but the folks who do have had the best winter in at least a decade and I can see the trails near the farm are in excellent condition. And the businesses that service the skidoo industry have hopefully reaped some rewards after so many poor winters in a row.

My knitting (and blogging) have fallen terribly behind. While I've forced myself to make time for my exercise outings with Jesse, the bulk of my time has gone to clearing snow, digging out hay, chasing dogs and resorting sheep. (And tending the mothers and babies that arrived unannounced on Boxing Day.)

Here are some Size Small I've done. All on the Legare 400 54 cylinder/27 ribber. All with 1x1 ribbed top, full stockinette leg and foot.

OnLine Tropic Colours

Lana Gross Meilenweit

Opal Silk
Apparently another blast of winter is headed this way. I think Jesse will be glad. Walking on the slushy snow has been quite an extra chore for him.

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