Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Goat Yoghurt-O

Well you can't get yoghurt much thicker than this.

After experimenting with a number of ways to thicken up goat yoghurt, here is my last result.

I used Knox Gelatin. As per the pkg instructions I used two packets, made a bit of a slurry with half cup of the milk, added half cup boiling water to the slurry, then mixed that into the balance of my warmed quart of goat milk. Then I added my yoghurt starter - few scoops of Astro Natural Balkan Style - and put in the yoghurt maker for 8 hours.

When I took the batch out it was still very runny, but overnight in the fridge it set. Just like Jello.

So, no straining required to get this thick treat.

The texture,however, is not the same as Greek style yoghurt obtained by straining. I'd actually describe it as a creme caramel type texture more than a Jello type. And with a little maple syrup drizzled over the top, it tasted a lot like creme caramel too.

Still, I'd have to say that my taste preference is still with a 2% cows milk yoghurt made only with starter culture, strained overnight to reduce volume by at least half, and then with a spoon of fresh local honey or maple syrup.

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